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The Art of Presence

At an IMS retreat in Barre MA, I asked Rodney Smith, one of the teachers, what is being present like? How does action come out of non-action? How do you maintain a large awareness of the life you are living, and live … Continue reading

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To Nourish

Etymology: Middle English nurishen, from Anglo-French nuriss, stem of nurrir, norrir, from Latin nutrire to suckle, nourish; akin to Greek nan to flow, noteros damp, Sanskrit snauti it drips. The etymology of words fascinates me–how the sound of a word … Continue reading

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3 Keys to Health

I’ve had Type 1 diabetes since 1992. I do not have any complications. The lack of complications may have something to do with genetics as well as self-care. I don’t know about the genetics but I do know about self-care. … Continue reading

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Why Do We Want So Much?

We (mostly the “we” of western societies) believe can have just about anything we want. The rest of the developing world, following in our footsteps, also yearns to have whatever they want. Of course, we can’t continue our unbridled exploitation … Continue reading

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