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Why Do We Eat?

This is the first of 6 questions developed by Megrette Fletcher and Michelle May for people with diabetes and their caregivers to ask. Their approach is outlined in Eat What You Love and Love What You Eat with Diabetes. I … Continue reading

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Grace Before Meals

I created this when my sons were little to acknowledge all aspects of eating– to honor the food that was about to nourish us, the beings who toiled to bring it to us, and the forces of nature that make … Continue reading

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That Muffin Isn’t Going to Solve Your Problem

A friend and I were talking about how, when we are eating mindlessly, we actually think muffins, scones, ice cream (whatever food we crave) is really going to solve our problem(s). When I ate obsessively, I somehow believed physical food … Continue reading

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Who’s Suffering More?

During a recent class at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center we discussed suffering. I “compare” my suffering to others, and always feel like my suffering is never as bad as someone else’s. I look at situations like the war in Syria, widespread … Continue reading

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If I could imprint the importance of one thing it would be the act of pausing before eating. Pausing is at the heart of my own practice–and yet, after all these years, the desire to dive in and eat without stopping still … Continue reading

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Mindful eating: awareness at the beginning of the process

When we eat, so often one phase of the process mechanically leads to the next. A regular mindful eating practice (once a day or once a week) brings attention to this ordinary act, so fraught with suffering for so many. … Continue reading

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Mindful Eating: use a meditation bell

Ringing a small meditation bell before and after a meal can calm and center us before we eat. I have always found it difficult to pause before eating. Always a little fear pops up–fear I won’t be able to eat … Continue reading

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