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It’s Not About Behaviors It’s About Relationships

In the previous post I said, “Now, I’m more able to be kind to myself when I struggle with pausing, or slowing down–and still be kind when I slip and don’t.” The importance of self-compassion and kindness can’t be overstated … Continue reading

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Why Reflect on the Foods We Ate in Childhood?

Our memories about food are the foundation for all our food issues, or non-issues (there are some folks who don’t have issues with food–there must be :). An affectionate, friendly curiosity uncovers the feelings than underlie choices. It isn’t necessary … Continue reading

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3 Keys to Health

I’ve had Type 1 diabetes since 1992. I do not have any complications. The lack of complications may have something to do with genetics as well as self-care. I don’t know about the genetics but I do know about self-care. … Continue reading

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