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The Art of Presence

At an IMS retreat in Barre MA, I asked Rodney Smith, one of the teachers, what is being present like? How does action come out of non-action? How do you maintain a large awareness of the life you are living, and live … Continue reading

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Nourishing the Heart

The disorders of desire discussed in a previous post are the emotional and spiritual hungers that lead to craving (desire) that then lead to all forms of dis-ease. Certainly to the emotional dis-eases of greed, jealousy, rage, etc., but as more and … Continue reading

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Mindful eating: awareness at the beginning of the process

When we eat, so often one phase of the process mechanically leads to the next. A regular mindful eating practice (once a day or once a week) brings attention to this ordinary act, so fraught with suffering for so many. … Continue reading

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Aware of a bad habit but doing it anyway…

Recently a friend and I were discussing something we both do–when faced with the possibility of engaging in in a “bad” habit, like eating another piece of cake, taking another drink etc. we’re “aware” of what we’re about to but … Continue reading

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