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The Long View

It helps now and then, to step back and take the long view. The kingdom is not only beyond our efforts, it is even beyond our vision. We accomplish in our lifetime only a tiny fraction of the magnificent enterprise … Continue reading

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Sleep on it…

I had been struggling with a lack of physical energy for the last month or so. One night last week, after an acupuncture treatment, I had a long, sound sleep. I woke up refreshed and alert- I was not tired. … Continue reading

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Go to the Kitchen

Michael Pollen goes into the kitchen to cook, and finds answers to pressing health, environmental, social– even spiritual– problems. “…what is the most important thing an ordinary person can do to help reform the American food system, to make it … Continue reading

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The Art of Presence

At an IMS retreat in Barre MA, I asked Rodney Smith, one of the teachers, what is being present like? How does action come out of non-action? How do you maintain a large awareness of the life you are living, and live … Continue reading

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Why Do We Eat?

This is the first of 6 questions developed by Megrette Fletcher and Michelle May for people with diabetes and their caregivers to ask. Their approach is outlined in Eat What You Love and Love What You Eat with Diabetes. I … Continue reading

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If I could imprint the importance of one thing it would be the act of pausing before eating. Pausing is at the heart of my own practice–and yet, after all these years, the desire to dive in and eat without stopping still … Continue reading

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To Nourish

Etymology: Middle English nurishen, from Anglo-French nuriss, stem of nurrir, norrir, from Latin nutrire to suckle, nourish; akin to Greek nan to flow, noteros damp, Sanskrit snauti it drips. The etymology of words fascinates me–how the sound of a word … Continue reading

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