Essentialism: Taking Time to Do what You Want

Many of us who love our work and find many things compelling, often find ourselves busy but don’t feel productive. We say yes to everything and advance a millimeter on all of them.

I recently heard about Greg McKeown, and his book The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. His basic premiss is people need more time, not less, to think about what they want to do; they need to turn off all devices and schedule time alone so they have the time to think, and then they need to practice saying no to all the people, projects and ideas that take time away from their essential work. He calls this process essentialism.

Two important questions: do I have time to do this? Is this the very best use of my time, creativity, resources? Is it? Say no to those things that sap your time and energy and say yes selectively- not just to avoid trouble, or please people.

From there you find space, and in that space is where you really find what you want to do. The embedded video gives steps for coming to clarity.



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