Spring Poetry

after we parted

after we parted and got into separate cars
I meant to follow you to the highway
and turn left heading east
while you turned right
heading west and north

but when you pulled away
I got out of my car
went back to the hotel
and asked the bland blonde behind the front desk
a question I already knew the answer to
and went back outside

there was a lake in front of me
and a meager lawn on my right
where a mother chased a toddler
and a grandfather sat facing them
his arms wide open

I walked to the lake
overtaking a goose and her gander

stepping onto a dock
I imagined I walked on water
while beside me
first the gander then the goose
sank down at the water’s edge
as if kneeling
and slipped at once
into grace


oval crowned & glorified_MCC

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