Summer in a Jar

While writing about comfort foods, Greg Brown’s song, Canned Goods came to mind. Here’s a sample of the lyrics:

images-1Peaches on the shelf

Potatoes in the bin

Supper’s ready, everybody come on in

Taste a little of the summer,

Taste a little of the summer,

You can taste a little of the summer

my grandma’s put it all in jar

She cans the pickles, sweet & dill

She cans the songs of the whippoorwill

And the morning dew and the evening moon

‘N’ I really got to go see her pretty soon

‘Cause these canned goods I buy at the store

Ain’t got the summer in them anymore.


Here food is a gift, connected to the seasons, filled with meaning, nourishing on so many levels. It’s an evocative description of how the food on our plate is connected to the people who plant and harvest it, the insects who pollenate it, the seasons, the elements, the sun, moon and stars, the loving hands that cook and serve it, even the sounds we hear when we eat–all of it laid out on the plate before us.


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