Nourishing the Heart

The disorders of desire discussed in a previous post are the emotional and spiritual hungers that lead to craving (desire) that then lead to all forms of dis-ease. Certainly to the emotional dis-eases of greed, jealousy, rage, etc., but as more and more studies show, craving, feelings of deprivation, lack of self-esteem and self-loathing also lead to physical dis-ease. We can learn to eat better, exercise more, but Ronna Kabatznick says she used to tell people about doing those things, but now, “I only suggest practicing the recipes that nourish the heart.”



Those recipes are all the mindfulness practices that we can bring to every moment. From the instant one wakes up and feels the body lying in bed, through to the acts of pouring coffee, driving, and to all the myriad activities that make up our days–those are the ingredients of our life. Waking up to those activities, bringing as much attention as possible to the wonder of our bodies in this wondrous world doing those activities, by inhabiting the present moment we experience our connection to everything. Being gentle, kind and loving with those ingredients, sacralizes our life.

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  1. Nice to see your post about my blog. Hope you are doing well.


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