Right Livelihood: A Wide Margin…

multi-colored threadI am returning to the Boston area after a year of living in western MA. I moved here because I wanted to live in a more small town, rural environment. It didn’t disappoint. I love it here–the people, the landscape, the community–but after some serious thought, I decided that at this time I want to be closer to my sons, and my spiritual community, Cambridge Insight Meditation Center. I miss the sangha I’ve been part of for many years.


My focus on right livelihood in the last few posts is a way to re-committ to following my little thread of right livelihood wherever it leads me. The post title refers to a quote from Thoreau, a great proponent of non-doing.

“There were times when I could not afford to sacrifice the bloom of the present moment to any work whether of the head or hand. I love a broad margin to my life [my italics]…”

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