Mindfulness-based eating awareness training

I’ve been AWOL for the last 2 weeks preparing for and attending an excellent workshop that brought together research and practical techniques focused on helping people change their relationship to food and eating. It came out of an understanding that dieting simply does not work.

The training was held at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, in Stockbridge MA, and taught by Jean Kristeller and Andrea Liberstein. They have used this curriculum with people dealing with obesity, binge eating, and more–and it works. It isn’t a quick fix but people often come to this work because they’ve exhausted themselves with diets and fad techniques. This approach not only addresses food issues, it’s an alternative to the terrible yo-yo effects of dieting, binging/purging etc.

In the first session, people are introduced to mindfulness through an eating meditation, and to the concept that our life, all our daily activities, are an opportunity to practice. Our life IS our practice. I came away very clear that this is the work I want to do, with individuals and groups. My website should be up and running in November!

I will share more of what I learned at the  MB-EAT training at Kripalu in the next few weeks.

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