3 Keys to Health: No.2 Creativity

After 20 years with Type 1 diabetes, I see 3 key areas in life that need regular attention: knowledge–an understanding of your condition; creativity–a right-brained pursuit; mindfulness–awareness of the present moment without judgment. Mindfulness is the foundation of everything.

Creativity means a creative outlet or pursuit that brings pleasure and challenges you in good ways. Creative expression is healing. If nothing comes to mind, or if you don’t think you’re creative, ask yourself: what brought you pleasure as a child? What did you love to do so much that you forgot about time or where you were?

ink, oil pastel, watercolor ©VSpain

Whatever it was, it’s probably still is your core passion, even if you haven’t done it for years. We usually stop doing what we loved doing as children because an adult told us to stop. But there’s no one to stop you now. I’m not sure humans are the only species that can be creative, but humans can engage in a wide range of creative activities. Loosing oneself in in a beloved passion feeds every other part of your life.

It isn’t selfish to set time aside every day to do something deeply satisfying-something that feeds your soul-that renews and refreshes you.


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