2 Soldiers

This poem, two soldiers, is from a small book of 9 poems & images I wrote & published  titled, the witch’s feet. The images are collages created from a child’s finger paintings. I did not add any of my own marks, I simply ripped them up and reassembled the torn pieces into new images. This was one of my favorite creative projects.

2 soldiers ©VSpain

two soldiers

now these two soldiers were in love

they felt like one soldier

even though they were two

they had yellow hair

and blue uniforms

and black belts cinching

their slim boy waists

during the war they didn’t tell anyone

about their love–of course!

they didn’t want to die for love

they wanted to live and love another day

and when the war was over

they lived together and tried to love

but one of them dreamed in black

even in daytime there were

black branches over his head

the one who loved him so, said

please my dear

take refuge with me

crawl inside our uniform

its as blue as the sea

as blue as my eyes

but his dark love

saw blue and wanted to drown

saw red skies at sunset

and thought–fields of blood!

springy spongy fields

of torn and rotting flesh

always crunching

crunching with bones

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