Sleepwalking Through Paradise

I was walking between 2 buildings when a dragonfly appeared. There was nothing green to alight on so he landed on the wood separating panes of pebbled glass in a factory window. I took a picture with my iPhone–the sun was in my eyes and I could barely see the image through the lens and I was sure it wouldn’t turn out so I forgot about it. Today I discovered it and all I could say was “Oh my god!” (The phrase I could not stop saying during my first plane ride–it was raining but when we broke cloud-cover it was all I could says for several minutes.)

dragonfly ©VSpain

The experience of noticing the dragonfly, and the sun above the clouds was beginner’s mind, seeing the world in wonder and joy as if for the first time. Beginner’s mind is the mind of a child, living with affection and curiosity about everything, from climbing stairs to insects.

Over and over we’re reminded beauty is always right in front of us. We spend too many hours sleepwalking through Paradise.

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1 Response to Sleepwalking Through Paradise

  1. Giulietta Nardone says:

    Hi Valerie,

    this wonderful post popped up on my linked in and followed it over because I love dragonflies. So lovely and everywhere if you open your eyes to them. Sleepwalking, one of my favorite topics. Most everyone is asleep. It’s easy to spot those who are awake, they’re excited about life, wanting to drink it all in, fired up to learn new things, eager to take in what surrounds them. I see folks in walking comas all around me, being obedient to the generic life blue print. That’s why the world seems so crazy most of the time, people are trapped in cocoons unable to break out.

    I cannot leave a comment linking to my muse WP site, only to another account. It’s happening more and more with blogs on WP.



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