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The Holiness of the Heart’s Affections

“I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the Heart’s affections and the truth of the Imagination.” ~ John Keats Sometimes I forget about the centrality of love and creativity/art/imagination, whatever you wish to call it, in healing but … Continue reading

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It’s Not About Behaviors It’s About Relationships

In the previous post I said, “Now, I’m more able to be kind to myself when I struggle with pausing, or slowing down–and still be kind when I slip and don’t.” The importance of self-compassion and kindness can’t be overstated … Continue reading

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I Bet You CAN Eat Just One

The title of this post is the tagline of a Lay’s Potato Chip ad. It’s a pretty neat summation of the food industry’s approach to selling processed foods. And since I’m in an oppositional mood lately and walking headlong into … Continue reading

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Intuitive vs Proven

After eight weeks of daily mindfulness meditation, participants were again assessed… study authors reported not only that loneliness was reduced among the meditation group, but that their genes showed positive effects from meditation by reduced inflammation. “Our work presents the … Continue reading

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Changes and an Apology

An apology to my followers–and to those who have liked these posts and looked forward to reading more. I have been pre-occupied with Life! 🙂 I’ve also been thinking long and hard about how I want to spend my time. … Continue reading

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