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The anti-Power Point Presentation

On May 7th I gave my first talk on mindfulness and health, Navigating the Twinkie Moment: How to Change Your Relationship to Food & Eating, at the Greenfield YMCA, MA. I practiced speaking in front of a mirror and diligently … Continue reading

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Chinese Dragon

So what does a Chinese dragon–a very cute chinese dragon–have to do with a blog about mindfulness, diabetes etc.? I’ve been thinking about what I said in my About page- that I’m more than my condition and that everything I … Continue reading

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Why Greens Are Good

I’m re-reading Victoria Boutenko’s Green for Life as I review what I eat, and how and why I came to eat this way. Boutenko compares the SAD (standard American diet) to a chimpanzee diet. Because chimpanzees are our closest primate relative … Continue reading

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In my 20’s, in my full-blown compulsive eating and bulimia phase, scones and muffins were at the top of my food list. They were binge foods as well as on the daily menu. I loved them with a cup of … Continue reading

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Love is a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, or at Least That’s What I Thought

A while ago, when writing about my style of cooking, I said it was “utilitarian,” meaning purely functional, without emotion–prep, cook, wash up with all speed and efficiency. When I wrote that, I was thinking about famous chefs and gourmands … Continue reading

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