The Need for Rest

There are times when I don’t feel like doing anything. My need for rest is cyclical and doesn’t always fit into the 5-day workweek. I used to judge myself harshly when I was tired Monday afternoon but full of energy 10pm Thursday night. I used to over-ride the impulse to rest, intent to cross everything off the tyrannical, never-exhausted list of “things to do.” But I’ve learned it’s better to honor the desire to stop. The mind needs a break in the action. I’m trying to build my life around that need.

When stillness happens, usually one, two or all of these follow:

  • I might learn that I really need to lay down. And I lay down.
  • A few moments of stillness will cut through the agitation driving me to do, do, do and I‘ll gain some clarity about what really needs attention. And renewed energy once I clear away energy-sucking confusion.
  • Or there will be no understanding, no clarity, or no time available to rest–BUT I will have paused, and just that, just pausing for a moment, will be the simple, small step that will, over time, lead to another step and another, each one nurturing the practice of stopping, and savoring quiet and rest.

As a matter of fact, in the area of regular sleep, folks who sleep too little, or who sleep at the wrong time, increase their risk for diabetes.

why I can't sleep

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