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The Need for Rest

There are times when I don’t feel like doing anything. My need for rest is cyclical and doesn’t always fit into the 5-day workweek. I used to judge myself harshly when I was tired Monday afternoon but full of energy … Continue reading

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Tamara Adler and elegant cooking

I just discovered Tamara Adler and her book An Everlasting Meal. I have only read excerpts and reviews–my library copy will arrive next week 🙂 but her philosophy is very close to mine. To reuse and recycle even as you … Continue reading

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3 Keys to Health

I’ve had Type 1 diabetes since 1992. I do not have any complications. The lack of complications may have something to do with genetics as well as self-care. I don’t know about the genetics but I do know about self-care. … Continue reading

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Lentil Sprouts w/Avocado and Ground Sesame Seed Salad

1 c. lentil sprouts 3 scallions, chopped 1 oz red onion (a handful), sliced thin 1/4 avocado, diced 2 oz green cabbage, sliced thin 2 high fiber crackers (I just discovered Knackerbrod- yum!! But you can use any WASA crackers), … Continue reading

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Why Do We Want So Much?

We (mostly the “we” of western societies) believe can have just about anything we want. The rest of the developing world, following in our footsteps, also yearns to have whatever they want. Of course, we can’t continue our unbridled exploitation … Continue reading

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A Grace Before Meals

I created this to say before meals when my sons were small. I still say it. Thank you earth, wind, fire and water for bringing this food to my table. Thank you to the beings who gave their life and time to … Continue reading

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Red Lettuce and Seasonal Fruit Salad

I cook the way I make art, using ingredients at hand. I have the basics in my cupboards (a post about basics later). I call my style of cooking, collage cooking. Salads are especially suited to collage cooking because you … Continue reading

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