What is Practice?

I was diagnosed in 1992 and do not have any diabetes-related complications. My self-care is not perfect but I believe there are several reasons why I’m as healthy as I am-though I understand there may be a genetic component too. First, I do believe that the things I do are healing: meditation/mindfulness reduces stress; my creative activities energize me; eating whole foods is a healthy way to sustain my body, and I’m active, incorporating movement into my day: walking/biking to the grocery store, library etc.

I see these activities as practices, which means I strive to live them, rather than see them as activities I have to do. For years after my diagnosis I had the have-to-do mindset of course, but persistently doing meditation and practicing mindfulness led to eating whole foods, nutrition awareness, being active and nurturing my creativity, all of which sustain me in essential ways.  Support from friends and family is also critical–equal to everything else I do.


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