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30 Minute Kale Soup

Tonight, as usual, I came home at 5:30, hungary and craving something green and healthy. Kale soup! Here’s the recipe: Put 2 tbsp of canola oil in a saute pan and turn the heat on medium. The setting was 4 … Continue reading

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Apple-Parsnip Soup

When I was invited to a neighborhood potluck that asked us to use local foods I came up with this soup. Surprisingly it was a big hit– so much so that Mary McClintock, food columnist for The Greenfield Reporter, contacted … Continue reading

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Simply Eat

Eating as simply and as close as possible to a food’s natural state is the best medicine. Yet the incredible focus on preparing and eating food in this culture–even good food–seems excessive. Yes, be educated about food and nutrition, but … Continue reading

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What is Practice?

I was diagnosed in 1992 and do not have any diabetes-related complications. My self-care is not perfect but I believe there are several reasons why I’m as healthy as I am-though I understand there may be a genetic component too. … Continue reading

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I follow Victoria Boutenko’s site She has a refreshing, down-to-earth approach to greens, raw food and nutrition. She’s passionate but not fanatic about what she does, what she knows and about sharing her knowledge. I have been making green … Continue reading

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