Ordinary Sacred

It sounds like new age la-de-da blather to say eating is a sacred act. It is. But it’s what I call ordinary sacred, not trumpet blaring, purple robed, crown-wearing sacred. The kind of everyday sacred that comes from being present to the life we have in front of us right here and now.

Presence awakens us to the subtleties of our incredible senses. Walking into a MacDonald’s and eating a big Mac is like walking into the middle of a war zone and gobbling down pounds of salt, meat and wonder bread. We bludgeon our senses in order to feel because we’ve lost touch with them and we desperately need to feel.

We experience the world through our sense doors, yet if we overwhelm them with processed foods, with air fresheners rather than fresh air, we exhaust them setting up a vicious cycle of ever more urgent needs for overpowering sights, sounds, tastes, and smells.

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