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Mindful eating & hunger

For me, someone with Type 1 diabetes, mindful eating practice often bumps up against the physical and emotional effects of low or high blood sugars, as well as my ongoing relationship with food, which is affected by a history of … Continue reading

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Usually there’s so much sentimentality around art associated with celestial beings that I’m almost sorry to title this angel but that’s what it is.  My work often incorporates both text and image–especially sacred texts–but lately I’m exploring how to illustrate text more directly.

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Ordinary Sacred

It sounds like new age la-de-da blather to say eating is a sacred act. It is. But it’s what I call ordinary sacred, not trumpet blaring, purple robed, crown-wearing sacred. The kind of everyday sacred that comes from being present to … Continue reading

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But What Does It Taste Like?

Too often we care about all the wrong things when it comes to food. Is it cheap and convenient? Can I eat a lot at one sitting? Is it sweet, or salty enough? We care about amounts, intense bursts of … Continue reading

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Getting Out of Bed with Monkey Mind

One of the results of mindfulness practice is a growing awareness that what I think/feel is not who I am. We usually don’t pay attention to happy because that feels good, but sad or mad (any feeling we consider “bad”) … Continue reading

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A Little Extra…

After a family funeral in the mid-90’s, my extended family gathered at my aunt’s home and hovered around a table laden with sandwiches and cakes. I was picking and choosing through the offerings when my uncle, noticing there were no … Continue reading

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Working with Impatience

Impatience is a family trait inherited mostly from the Spain side of the family, though my maternal grandmother, grandma Jane, was pretty feisty and did not suffer fools gladly. I don’t like waiting but I’ve been fairly successful cultivating patience … Continue reading

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